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If you are over 18 years old, then yes! You are eligible to open a Seaeyeinvestments account.
Most certainly! All investments carry a low level of risk. We have an insurance cover that protects all investors capital in the case that trades are being defered or in the event that there is a merger or aquisition by another company.
Your deposit has a user defined term to generate your return on Investment(ROI). Your deposit keeps working till the completion of your contract duration.
Privacy and security is in our Top priority , which is why we have end-to-end encryption. When end-to-end encrypted, your details and documents, status updates are secured from falling into the wrong hands. Seaeyeinvestments end-to-end encryption ensures only you have your details and your documentations are safe from the outside world. Also for safer transactions, a QR bar code has been provide, to ensure safer and faster transactions. These codes are unique to each transaction
We do traditional and cryptocurrency trading in the Forex and other large financial markets,real estate,stock Market,agriculture . Our clients invest in our investment plans and we implement them due to in-depth analytics and exact forecasting, so ensuring income.
Yes, it is totally free of charge.
You can have as many account you wish to have but with different emails
Yes of course. You could reinvest your profit using your account balance.
In order to make a deposit from your company's account balance you need to select 'Deposit from Account Balance' on Make deposit page in your Member area.
At the moment we accept: bitcoin,ethereum,Usdt -Tether
Your request will be processed instantly,we maintain swift transaction frequency
No restrictions or limit on withdrawals
The withdrawal is acceptable everyday at every suitable time for you .
Yes, we have a developed affiliate-system, in which you can get bonuses upto 6-12% on direct referrals at the appropriate level. And can earn 1.3 - 1.8% weekly when you build a team ranging from 6-12 persons.
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